🇵🇭🇮🇪 Delighted to hear from ASec Maria Elena P. Algabre @DFAPHL confirmation that Philippine Embassy Dublin will reopen later this year. Wonderful to have Ambassador @WCarlosIRL & Prof @FaasDaniel lead an engaged discussion @tcddublin @tcdglobal @philippinesinuk @IrlEmbManila

Delighted to co-host with @MMurrayAsia @asiamatters_biz The Honorable Maria Elena Algabre, Assistant Secretary for European Affairs at the Department of Foreign Affairs who spoke about the Future of the Philippines-Ireland Relations 🇵🇭🇮🇪. Press Release at: https://rb.gy/vyknf4

Invitation to attend a Conversation with the Honorable Maria Elena P. Algabre, Assistant Secretary for European Affairs, The Philippines 30 May at Trinity College Dublin Register on https://tinyurl.com/y5jksjjd @Declanjahughes1 @FaasDaniel @LindaDoyle @OrlaFeely @Maggie_Cusack

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Founded in 2012 by the late Dr. T.P Hardiman, Alan Dukes and Martin Murray; Asia Matters is focused on building dynamic business links and informed understanding between Asia, EU and Ireland to drive win-win partnerships and economic growth. Asia Matters is Ireland’s only Asia think tank. Independent, Asia Matters operates on a non political not for profit ethos as a member knowledge hub for Asia Business Partnership.

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