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Here ⁦@WTM_London⁩, great plans to celebrate 🇮🇩 🇮🇪 2024 as 40th year of diplomatic relations. Enjoyed discussing tourism & creative economy partnership opportunities with Minister Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno, Deputy Minister Ni Made Ayu Marthini & H.E. Dr. Desra Percaya ⁦

☕️ 🫖 🍵 谢谢 师父 Born in Cork, the home of 🇮🇪 Barry’s Tea,quality ☕️ appreciation is 2nd nature so a great privilege to enjoy the best 🇨🇳 tea from Master Sun Liang from Beijing on his visit to Dublin #tea @AsiaMarketIE @cntolondon @HainanAirlines @ChinaEmbIreland @HuarenzhiMD

Happy Diwali to our 🇮🇳 friends who greatly enrich Irish society.Delighted to join ⁦@CplResources⁩ celebrations where ⁦@AkhileshIFS⁩ explained 3 impact levels: individual, society & universal all focused on the removal of darkness to embrace knowledge & enlightenment.

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